freediving record.



My first freediving
experience was when i was Four, hanging on
my dad's neck
as he spearfished for dinner around the rocks of north
Bondi Beach. I would hold on for as long as I could then let go and float back to the surface and watch him. He seemed to fly.  
Hi my name is Ant,  
My journey  into freediving started as a young boy, absolutely in love with the underwater world.
I guess this journey is not over yet.  
I cut my teeth in spearfishing. First just chasing bream around the shallows of Sydney's rocky shore line. I soon  found myself  chasing elusive game fish in far away seas around the world. From chasing Dentex in the deep Mediterranean off the coast of Italy,  To guiding fellow Spearos as they chase giant tuna in the blue seas off Africa. This passion has taken me around the world.
It was on one of these trips where I found the sport of competitive freediving. On the big Island of Hawaii I first competed in the Pacific cup of freediving. The best divers in the world were there! it was a buzz!
My team, Team Australia held their own and we ranked 5th in what was the biggest freediving comp the world had seen up to then. In this comp I set my first record. I have gone on to set 7 records for Australia. This journey is not over either. 
I am a full time freedive instructor and coach. I am based in Cairns, Far north Queensland, but love to travel and deliver courses. I have been teaching freediving for 16 years so am one of the longest established instructors in Australia.  From Basic courses to advanced speciality workshops. I even teach spearfishing.  So if you are here on my page have a look around and see if i can help you follow your dreams and become the Freediverdiver you want to be. 
 What can i say, I love my job.