The Spearfishing Workshop

Learn Everything you need to know about how to spearfish in the one workshop. 
This workshop covers topics that include 
Safety, how to increase your abilities the right way. 
How to avoid Shallow water blackout.
how to safeguard yourself from marine hazards. 
Gear selection. how to select the right gear for your spearfishing. 
why and how to use all spearfishing gear. 
speargun tuning, get the most out of your gun. 
Finding fish. 
understanding the reef and how to find the fish you are looking for. 
how to read a fishfinder and contour maps. 
Fish anatomy and shot placement.  
Spearfishing sustainability and ethics. 
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Custom packages available!

Townsville Course 
22-23-25th march
Remote Area Dive. 
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