Stage B

  • Minimum age: 17 (14 with Parental consent).
  • Have completed an Apnea International Stage A course (or equivalent)
  • Open water dives: 4
  • Pool sessions: 2
  • Physics of freediving .
  • Physiology of freediving
  • The Dive Response
  • Physiology of freediving – black out
  • Training for Static apnea
  • training tables, dry static training
  • Training for Dynamic apnea.
  • Equalisation techniques.
  • Buoyancy Issues for Deeper freediving
  • Safety Equipment for Deeper freediving
  • Psychology of freediving
  • Fitness training for freediving
  • Breathing exercises – Pranayama.
  • Relaxation techniques for freediving.
  • Planning an open water dive session
The Training sessions include Static breathhold tables and Deep water sessions.
  • The emphasis is on energy efficient movement in the water.
  • We will try to find the best individual technique that will result in the best improvement.
During this course, The students will be exposed to the physiology of the human body, and how it changes during immersion, will learn techniques to improve the relaxation during their dives and training and will enable them to freedive and keep training in a safe & proper way. this is a 3 day course.